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Excuse The Interruption

I’m not going to lie, the recent relocation I prayed for and was blessed to receive is not at all what I signed up for. The amount of stress this move has caused me mentally, emotionally, and physically is not worthy of the paycheck… not that I was swayed by it in the first place. Just as I began to accept the fact that some GOD-SIZE MOVES are not as much about the physical relocation. I also began to realize the "character proofing" that takes place is a result of God-Size Moves. My pastor calls it the "backside of the blessing".

It's the backside of these blessings we must be careful not to mislabel or relabel the blessing or dismiss the promises given to us. Too often we quickly judge God’s intent through our jaded opinions about the circumstances based on our fleeting emotions! The people & situations that frustrate, disappoint, or fail us are quickly dismissed as unworthy of our best. But what happens when your best just isn’t enough? Have a discussion (2-way communication) with the Father and TRUST HIM. TRUST that He is still all-knowing and that He is STILL SOVEREIGN! HE DIDN’T MAKE A MISTAKE NOR DID YOU HEAR WRONG!

HE IS WORKING. PUTTING THE FINISHING TOUCHES ON WHAT HE HAS FOR US. HE’S GETTING US READY FOR THE NEXT!! We are being adorned with His character and being positioned to see it from His perspective as we progress into the PROMISE awaiting us.

As I reflect on my move and the new challenges I face, I am reminded of several individuals who embraced their GOD-Sized promise only to realize the pathway towards it is not always a chartered landscaped path. Instead, it is a path with many sudden interruptions. Remember Joseph, son of Jacob, and the favored life he once lived yet expressing his dreams (God's divine promise communicated to him) seemingly delayed the promise. Look again! Did it? His journey to the fulfilled promise was interrupted by family rejection, abandonment, sexual harassment, and false imprisonment. However, as he journeyed the unobvious was being developed. The perceived interruptions led him right into his manifested dream. He became a great leader whose position would save his family during a great famine because of his tested and proven character. (Genesis 37-45)

What about David, the youngest of his siblings, who was anointed as the future king? He found himself back in the pasture tending the flock. Then serving the current king who would suddenly turn on his favored servant and son-in-law by attempting to take David's life. However, during his journey to his promise, his character developed despite his own deception he earned the title of a great King and a man after God's heart (1 Samuel 17-2 Samuel 23).

Now consider Esther, an orphan that is adored by her uncle and is drastically taken away from him to be presented to the king as a candidate to become the next queen. Oh did I mention the king had his last queen killed? Similar to most young ladies, Esther was enjoying the royal preparations and honored to have found favor in the king's eyes. However, as with the others I've addressed, her pleasant royal experiences would soon be interrupted by the divine assignment to speak to the king on behalf of her people group. She had yet to reveal her true identity. But once again character matters. (Esther 1-8)

We witness interruptions as we examine the story of Jesus' birth. Imagine the initial response of Mary and Joseph, and the complications brought upon their engagement. Joseph's responsibility to protect the promise created times of temporary displacement. Attempting to take his family home, he rerouted to Egypt for a short time before reaching the assigned destination. (Matthew 1-2)

Despite the discomfort, divine discontent, and discouragement, each scenario has the same outcome. Each of them endures and their character is tested and proven as one whom God trusts. Could this be true for you and me as well? Think about a God-size move that requires our partnership with God. And what's a partnership without trust? God-size moves create opportunities for us to trust God. As a result of our trust in His sovereignty, willingness, and ability provides evidence that we in turn may be trusted.

Be encouraged and embrace each moment as your defining moment. #kairosnow

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